Emily Shott is studying Sculpture at Savannah College of Art and Design, located in Atlanta, Georgia, where she will receive her B.F.A. in 2018. She grew up in Michigan, where she was constantly surrounded by animals and nature, which has a large influence on her creations.  The work she creates focuses on creature design, puppets and set building. Emily takes a multi-media approach for her work but favors fibers and fabrics.  After graduation, she is set on working in the fabrication industry.

Education 2017 

BFA Sculpture, Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, GA, expected date of graduation, June 2018 2014-2017               Dean’s List


2018 April                SCADFASH Docent

June-July                    ID3 Scenic Department 2017                                  

                                - used reciprocating saws and power sanders to create large foam sculptures                                            - created work for Atlanta Aquarium and Cartoon Network among others

2017                        Collaborative Learning Center - Extra Yard for Teachers                                                                          - designed large scale sculpture based off of company logo

2016                        Collaborative Learning Center - Vibrant Health                                             -                                          - created a prosthetic skin for animatronic robot along with a team of students Freelance 2018                            

                               Collaborated with musician on a music video featuring one of my puppets                Skills                       

                               Fur Painting                                 Facial Prosthetic Sculpting                              

                               Hair Punching                              Needle / Wet Felting                              

                               Puppetry / Puppet Making            Hand Weaving                                       

                               Modeling / Figurative Sculpture     Wood Shop Certified                                                                       Mold Making / Silicone casting     Brazing                                       

                               Hand / Machine Sewing               Wire Armature Construction                                                               Fabric Patterning                           Printmaking                                       

                               3D Printing                                  3D Scanning                                         

                              Adobe Photoshop                         Adobe Illustrator                                                                              Rhino                                          Sculptris


2016-2017              Open Studio Night, SCAD, Atlanta GA

2015 May               m.i.l.k., Starland Dairy Farm, Savannah GA

Volunteer Work

2018-present            Foster for Atlanta Humane Society

2013                      Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary

2012                      Wildlife Rehabilitation


2018                                SCAN Magazine Vol. 10 No. 1, artist interview